Attempting Charlie X

November 1, 2016

This time around Dan runs into Charlie X, a teenager on the Enterprise who's never seen a girl and has some serious maturity problems. Oh, and some super powers. He has those too. Fortunately Joey is also there to make this story make sense. 


Attempting The Man Trap

October 14, 2016

This week Dan finds himself caught in The Man Trap with a shape shifter, dead bodies with kiss marks on them, and a flirty Uhura. Good thing Joey is there to help make sense of it all. 


Attempting Where No Man Has Gone Before

October 6, 2016

Dan starts off the regular series with episode 4, although it's episode 1 in the production order so that's allowed according to superfan Joey. 


Attempting The Cage

September 30, 2016

In this pilot episode of Attempting Trek, non Star Trek fan Dan begins his journey through The Original Series,attempting to develop an appreciation for Trek. Urged on by his Star Trek loving brother Joey, they start right at the beginning with the Star Trek pilot, The Cage.